About DreamScape Visionery, LLC

The primary focus of DSV these days is the development of Mac and iPhone OS applications, from games to office management suites to health aides, we're willing, planning and in the process of tackling it all! We hope you will find our products and services useful and we encourage you to join our online communities as an active participant.

DSV Corporate Officers

Chris Van Cleve

Christopher A. Van Cleve
CEO & Founder

Chris, also known as ‘Vanish’, has been involved with computer technologies since 1978. Chris initially founded the company in 1984 as Phoenixware, a shareware development company responsible for titles such as Amazing Vanish's Dungeon Master's Log, The Delver's Guide Volume 1, and SimpleBase Sequencer.

Chris' knowledge of the computer industry is vast, having worked professionally in the field since 1986 and venturing into many branches from BASIC and Assembler coding to sequential storage to database administration to web development with (X)HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS, XSLT, ASP, PHP, JSP and Java. He earned his Associate of Science degree from National Education Center's National Institue of Technology campus in West Des Moines, IA. He was graduated with honors as president of the student body and president of the honor fraternity with a major in Computers and another major in Industrial Controllers, Lasers and Robotics.

Chris has also served as CIO of The Lost Soldiers, a clan-led gaming community in Omaha, NE now a part of the DSV Network, he served on the Board of Directors (Director of Networking and Support) and as Half-Life Admin for The Des Moines Gaming Group in Des Moines, IA as well as serving on the Board of Directors (Director of Public Relations), TiTan Project Manager, and ClanMod Coordinator for United Admins, an international gaming admin community.

Chris has held several management and technical positions throughout his career. He worked as a field technician and LAN specialist for Custom Municipal Software in Des Moines, IA; Corporate Manager for ToNeCa, Inc. in Des Moines, IA; DBA / Webmaster for Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona, IA; Development Consultant to Emerson Process Management in Marshalltown, IA; Systems Associate - Lead at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, IA; and Systems Specialist at Berkley Technology Services in Urbandale, IA; There was also a near one year stint as a part-time Specialist at the Apple Store Jordan Creek which he may return to someday.

Chris currently resides in Altoona, IA with his wife, Dawn and has two step-children, Douglas and Rebecca. He maintains a personal blog and provides his resume in PDF format.

Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown
CDO & LLC Founder

Kyle, also known as ‘Develish’, has only been involved with computers since 1996, when he decided to major in Computer Science at Northwest Missouri State University and Missouri Western State College.

Kyle has held several development positions throughout his career. He worked as a Software Engineer for e24/7.com in Santa Monica, CA; Programmer with Computer Sciences Corp/Unisys at Edwards Air Force Base, CA; Programmer Analyst with APAC Customer Services in Cedar Rapids, IA; IT Systems Analyst - Lead at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, IA; and currently a Systems Specialist at Berkley Technology Services in Urbandale, IA.

Kyle does have an athletic side to him, he was a track/cross-country standout throughout high school and received a scholarship to run at Northwest Missouri State University. Kyle also has recently gotten involved with the newly formed Carlisle Soccer Club where he is the head coach for his youngest daughter's soccer team and the assistant coach for his oldest daughter's team.

Kyle currently resides in Carlisle, IA with his wife Mellannie and three children, Kaitlin, Kylie and Kamden.

Donald Prell

Donald Prell
COO & LLC Founder

Don, also known as ‘Xero’, has been involved with computers and their associated technologies since he was but a wee lad utilizing a Pong paddle as a pacifier while playing Tron Deadly Discs on his Intellivision.

Don has acquired a broad knowledge of computers via a myriad of technical roles in different organizations and has earned his bachelor's degree in computer science and minored in computer information systems / mathematics from Wayne State College in 2002. Currently, he takes on the role of a senior application developer utilizing ColdFusion, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL and C++ at a software development company called Paradigm Solutions.

Don founded and serves as CEO of The Lost Soldiers, a gaming clan, for the better part of a decade. He isn't always running with the computer crowd because he dabbles in the musical arts as he is an active member of the Nebraska Wind Symphony, Grace University Concert Band (Brass Ensemble), Omaha Agape Brass Quintet and several other community symphonic groups.

Don currently resides in Omaha, NE with his army of Chinchillas.