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Current Version: 1.5.0 • Released On: 2010-12-06 • View Release NotesSupport

Release Notes for SCWB Pro


  • First PRO release!
  • Retina Display optimized interface
  • Themes redesigned and 2 NEW themes added!
  • Send messages via SMS
  • Keyboard now functions like a standard keyboard


SCWB will now correctly install/update on iPad and legacy devices (iPod Touch 1st Gen, iPhone 2G)


Fix iPad compatibility


Fix Decode function on iPad


Fix keyboard for iPad


First public release


  • SCWB works with any iPhone or iPod touch running version 3.0 software or later.
  • An email account must be setup on the device to send messages to other users.
  • A passion for old technology made new again.


"Besides being fun to use, Secret Crypto Wonder Badge is also easy on the eyes." --

"The application responds very well to commands, I had no crash, a little 'uncomfortable to write, given the small size of the keys but you just get in the habit, simple and intuitive graphics. Rating: 8." --


Working with Ken Ray, one of the top Mac podcasters, we bring you a fun new way to interact with his show, Mac OS Ken and with each other. Leon Battista Alberti invented the Cipher Disk in the 15th Century, a version of which was used by Union soldiers during the American Civil War. These would later (circa 1930's) become popularized as "decoders" for radio premiums provided predominantly by Ovaltine. (Little Orphan Annie) Ovaltine would popularize them again with television premiums during the 1960's. (Captain Midnight) The Secret Crypto Wonder Badge is a modern take on the cipher disk/decoder badge.

Secure Messages

Ok, so the messages aren't up to modern Department of Defense standards by any means, but with 3 variations of the badge and 30 characters to choose from, your messages will require enough trial and error (3x30x30 or 2,700 combinations of 90 different ciphers) to deter all but the most persistent and ruthless spies... COUGH villains... COUGH people. Grab your Secret Crypto Wonder Badge and start sending and receiving encoded messages. With the iPhone's built-in Copy and Paste feature, you can send and receive message using any communication method you have access to.


You have four themes to choose from. The default is a SteamPunk (LoTech) flavored theme or you can choose to use the HiTech (Glossy, shiny and classy) flavored theme, or a dark or light DigiTek (Modern touchy goodness) flavored theme. More themes will be coming soon!

Usage Tip

Be sure to touch the screen firmly before beginning to rotate the dials. If your finger is already in motion when it makes contact with your screen, it can trick the iPhone into thinking you're touching someplace you're actually not, resulting in misaligned dials that deviously look correct.

Upcoming Additions

We're not stopping at version 1.5.0! We have lots of plans to make the app better and better. We are planning to provide an integration with your Contacts, allowing you to store important information like what cipher code you have agreed to use with each one and discussion history much like the SMS app provides.

Yes, before you ask, theme specific sounds are on the list too, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Point your friends to the new iAd supported FREE version so they can share messages with you!