DreamScape Visionery's Service Offerings

DSV has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. During that time we have provided numerous services that, while no longer our primary focus, are still offered as our time permits.

Web Development

With staff that has mastered XHTML, CSS, XML, SQL, PHP, Cold Fusion and Java and with a combined experience of 30 years of web development, DSV has quality, talented resources to draw upon for all of your web development needs. If you need assistance with design elements as well, our staff is fully knowledgeable in 2D, 3D and Vector design. To update an existing site (this excludes adding any new features) our fee is $75/hour (Special rates for non-profit entities). Creation of new design elements are quoted per project based on the number of elements required. New sites and features are quoted based on requirements and resourcing needs.

Graphic and Interface Design

Interface design was an early part of DSV's history, beginning with the development of one of the first animated menu interfaces on the Commodore 64 for a role-playing game utility called DML (Dungeon Master's Log). We were also responsible for the introduction screen, often animated, for several BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems, the prescursor to the modern forums). We later created a more fantasy-like interface for a Mac OS game from Fantasoft named Realmz. The package, titled R.I.F.L.E (Realmz InterFaceLift Expansion) was carried on the CD of an issue of Inside Mac Games and served as the inspiration of the game interface a year later. We have also provided numerous forms, newsletters and book designs for clients over the years.

IT Consulting

Our staff has been working in the IT industry for over 35 years (combined) on various architectures and platforms at businesses from small town government to large enterprise. We are knowledgeable in server administration, networking, project management, resource planning and tracking, technical documentation writing, hardware and software troubleshooting, software development and scripting. We are familiar with the Financial, Insurance, Vanity and Gaming industries. See the technologies and Industries with which we are experienced below.


  • Mac OS, Windows, *nix
  • DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, SQLite
  • SQL, PHP, VB Script, AppleScript, Unix Shell Scripting
  • C, C++, Obj-C, Java


  • Financial
  • Gaming (Both Gambling and Liesure)
  • Insurance
  • Technology Services
  • Vanity (Tanning, Beauty, etc.)