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01 May

DSV Web Team
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Welcome to the 6th version of the DreamScape Visionery, LLC web site. The site leverages modern design techniques and back end coding to provide a rich experience for our users and an easy to use backend for our staff.

As we approached the redesign, we had a few key goals in mind. First, it had to be responsive and modern. Second, it had to have an advanced, yet easy to use backend for maintaining and updating the site. Third, It needed to be more focused on who we are and what we do. For the interest of those who are tech-minded, the rest of this post will detail what we used to develop the site to achieve the key goals.

We started with the latest and greatest of the basics: HTML 5 and CSS 3. As such, this site doesn't work in old browsers. This mostly affects users with old versions of Internet Explorer. Since they are not in our target audience, making this choice came easily. Everything else builds upon these two technologies, starting with jQuery 3 and Bootstrap 3 with Font Awesome 4 which provides the responsive grid-based layout we needed for the site. On top of these technologies we layered in Laravel 5.4 running on PHP 7.1. This provided the necessary pieces for the second key goal.

To achieve the third key goal, we revisited everything we've provided on our site in the past, the work we've done, and the customers we've provided services for. We hope we've achieved that glistening, golden prize of "just the right stuff" for you. Have a look around and let us know what you think. We're very interested in what we've done right and, more importantly, what we could have done better.

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