So, you're curious about how this site was constructed? A LOT of time and thought went into how this site was designed and built, and we’re proud of it! Many hours, days, weeks, even months along with a lot of research and discussion, led to this new version of the site.

Front End


This site was built using Twitter’s Bootstrap v4 which is easily the most versatile and complete responsive framework available. While much effort was made to not look like a bootstrap site, some elements are default and the grid for layout is all theirs.

Fonts & Type

We’ve used a few fonts to make this site awesome. All of the fonts we use can be found at Google Fonts for free.

We wanted nice, clean, readable text for the primary font used throughout the site, and we settled on Adobe’s Source Sans Pro. To compliment that for monospaced text, we’re using Source Code Pro. For lead paragraphs we’re relying on Quicksand.

We wanted something bold to make our blog headings stand out and we found what we were looking for in Montserrat. Finally, we needed some clean, accurate, fresh icons to use throughout the site and we found Font Awesome and DevIcons to fit our needs.

Other Technologies

A number of other technologies are used to make this site work as cleanly and pleasantly as it does, including:

Back End

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